Taking space

When ‘superworms’ are kept together in a container they do not move into pupate stage, but rather remain in the larvae (worm) stage. It is only when you remove the worm and put it in its own container that it starts to evolve into a pupa and eventually into a beetle. I found such lovely resonation in this act of nature; that when I take some space for myself Im giving myself the freedom and permission to evolve. Be it emotionally, spiritually or physically. Where in your life can you take some space to evolve? Do you need to take a break from work? Do you need to go somewhere in nature to reconnect with yourself? Or will it take a few minutes a day to meditate or excercise to get in touch with the part in you that wants to move forward.
Can you give yourself some space to evolve into who it is that you need to be right now?

"like the ripples from the smallest drop of water, the smallest of changes in our lives can grow to bring about the greatest rewards"
Favourite Quotes

Never fear shadows…. that always means there is a light shining somewhere. — Jonathan Santos

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