While the wind and rain were howling outside on this very bleak January day, inside we were greeted to a warm inviting sacred SAFE space created by Jo-Anne. The food and company were beautiful and most enjoyable.

I was drawn to this Introduction to Shamanic Day as I felt blocked in my spiritual and soul journey.
During carefully structured Shamanic practices Jo Anne acted as a mediator in my Shamanic healing journey to discover what I needed to heal. I had come with an open mind and no expectations.

On February 14/15 2013 my beautiful Samoyed dog called Wendy died suddenly and left me full of such a profound grief that the only way I could survive was to block Wendy's death completely from my mind. The same day I replaced. Wendy with a beautiful black Labrador to replace Wendy as I thought.

During this special day and achieving a Shamanic state of consciousness, Wendy came to me as my animal guide and offered me a chance to grieve my loss and integrate this healing and learning into my life.

These changes were witnessed and honoured by Jo Anne and those around me and I felt better able to move on to the next phase of my life with Wendy as my animal guide and ally. My journey is one I will never forget and the wonderful people I journey with.

- Participant "Introduction to Shamanism Workshop"

It was my first introduction to Shamanism so I went with an open mind.

From first meeting with you and your gentle warm welcome and the tea really helped me as I had returned home from having spent a week at a funeral of a close auntie. I wanted to be there as I had given a commitment also I thought maybe its meant to be.

The background you gave was just perfect, enough for me to understand what it was about and I felt comfortable with it. My head was not distracted with too much information I was free to be in touch with myself and what was going on. Your timing, pacing, clear simple directions at the beginning of journey and the length
of each journey allowed me to fully relax and fully be present what was happening for me.

Your delicious hot food and relaxed atmosphere further allowed my body to continue process what I had experienced. In the days and weeks after your workshop I gained many insights and noticed changes taking place. I personally was surprised how much I had benefited from your workshop (especially as I have mentioned that I
had had a difficult time beforehand) and I would definitely be interested in participating in further workshops.

Joanne I wish you the very best with your good work and look forward to working with you in the future.

- Participant "Introduction to shamanism Workshop"

It was lovely to work with Jo-Anne. She has a warm and welcoming manner and I cannot thank her enough for how much she helped me.

- H.S. -Limerick
"like the ripples from the smallest drop of water, the smallest of changes in our lives can grow to bring about the greatest rewards"
Favourite Quotes

The point of power is always in the present moment. — Louise L. Hay

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